Dark days of KP Teachers

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Muhammad Ilyas
In PTI era there are a lot of emphasis on improving the quality of service in education. The education sector are seeing significant inputs in the areas of school infrastructure perfection, changes in teacher hiring methods, higher salaries for teachers, emphasis on monitoring and evaluations to improve teachers and students attendance and many more. But does KP government show some sympathy to teachers? The answer is straight and simple “Absolutely not” Teachers’ day was celebrated on October 5th in the world as well as in Pakistan with full enthusiasm. The KP government promised with All Primary Teachers Association (APTA) regarding their upgradation before two years. On October 6th, All Primary Teachers Association (APTA) held a vigorous and a peaceful strike in Peshawar early in the wee hours.The teachers locked around 15 thousands government primary schools for boys across the state in the day to join the Peshawar gathering on the call of their head MR. Aziz Ullah Khan.The police halted lots of school teachers after resorting to baton-charge and tear gas firing to separate their rally staged here on Thursday to demand upgradation of their pay scales and restoration of stipends. Many politicians also raised voices in parliament for KP teachers. Some called it draconian government and selected government but all in vain. I can pull out perfect essays about ‘ustaad ka ihteraam’ (respect for teachers), quoting their status as equal to that of parents in Islam, tasked as they are with the duty of cherishing assistance. The president APTA, Mr. Aziz Ullah Khan, echoed his willpower to oblige the KP government to accept their demands. The key demands of the teachers are to assign BPS 15 upon the initial selection of Primary school teachers in place of BPS 12 according to the recruitment policy of 2018. EVER SINCE Pakistan came into being; it has faced several challenges in almost all main sectors of national life, health, education, economy, policies, etc. But the sector that has ached most is education. Education is the key to success. It forms and alleviates the nation, and makes people conscious of their duties as citizens. It also makes a sense of politeness, loyalty and understanding. But unfortunately, it has failed in our country for its purpose.Teachers are the strength of the world, as well as the torch bearers of knowledge and social change. Globalization and technology have increased their tasks manifold. Primary education is incomplete without good teachers. Our politicians are claiming that we pay much attention on education but_____ Do they?There are many occupations in the world and everyone has the right to pick out their work according to their leaning, curiosity and ability. All professions are important for the nation’s growth. But no development, material or spiritual, is possible without the generous service of a teacher. All sciences, skills, arts and crafts in various principles and cultures are due to teachers. The origins of teaching are connected to prophetic missions. Allah played the character of teacher when He taught Hazrat Adam the names of everything (2:31). All prophets were teachers for humankind at large. Besides, the Quran narrates the story of Prophet Musa and Khizr (18:65-82) representing the affability and discipline in teacher-student relations in order to understand the essence of every happening. Likewise, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is also believed to have said: “I have been sent to you as a teacher.” Nevertheless, in our public,teaching doesn’t pay much, and dearth the security of the authorities. From time to time teachers are victims of school politics. They remain under pressure of DEO’S, SDEO’S, ASDEO’S orders, heavy class timetables, checking copies, conducting examinations etc. The sword of termination hangs over their job if they express their uncertainties. It is a profession that requires great bravery and ethical strength. It is understandable from Muslim history that people have always respected this career. The point is that teaching is a very scrupulous job. It demands fortitude, determination and dedication to teach the students attentively. But, in our society, the teaching occupation is not given due importance.Take the example of Peshawar strike when thousands of teachers hold a strike regarding upgradation and for jacking up their allowances but what the police did with them? They, beaten them and also fired tear gas. Many teachers were wound and also the authorities put the respected teachers behind the bars. The politicians should stay calm and accept their legal demands. Because of teachers, countries like Japan and Germany who coped with downfall and ruined in World War II were able to rise from the death. Their teachers contributed considerably to achieving their national outline and the two nations developed socially and economically. In short, if we want to educate our youth and kids, our politicians must sit with the head of association and must accept their legal demands. The KP education minister assured them that in forty days we will upgraded all the scales. All Primary Teachers Association called off the strike as KP government agrees to upgrade pay scale, restore allowances and pension rules. But if the authorities won’t upgrade them, then? Let’s wait and see that what will happen after the forty days deadline of APTA. But we hope that our politicians will not waste the time of the students anymore and will accept their demands.

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