Shamis Ali
Nowadays everyone is aware regarding the suicide in the surrounding of district Kech. It is observed that every month, every years, the population of committing suicide is being increased day by day. According to a report, in 2022, 42 people committed suicide in the surrounding areas of Kech. It is estimated that 15 women and 27 men destroyed their precious lives due to various problem.
Recently, a teenage girl from Hoshab ( 17) committed suicide as well as in other case, a teenage boy in Belar village ( Gwader) M of 9th class, had reportedly committed suicide last night ( Thursday).

According to some expert, inflation and poverty can be the main reason of the people to follow the concept of committing suicide.

In other words, a report claimed that the level of the self-destruction would be increased day by day due to jobless, poverty, inflation and other issues.

Turbat is called as the hub of the suicide now-a-days. This trend is being increased day by day as well as the parents should to understand the mentality of their beloved children.

On the other way, the government also need to proved the basic necessities and make an investigation team regarding this matter that why the people are following self-destruction.


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