Customs authorities at Pak-Afghan border Angorada foiled an attempt of smuggling

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Staff reporter

South Waziristan: According to the details, Amjadur Rahman, collector of customs authorities at the Pak-Afghan border Angorad terminal, received a secret information about smuggling of foreign products on a large scale, on which he reported the smuggling incident to the Angorad customs authorities.

Issued the necessary instructions to thwart, on which the Angorad Customs officials acted last evening during the search of coal vehicle No. 1150 coming from Afghanistan, foreign products hidden under the coal, including large quantities of Indian medicines, foreign cloth, foreign The smuggling incident was thwarted by exporting sacks full of tea and precious pearls. According to Customs Superintendent Sabkatgin, the value of seized foreign products is more than three crore rupees.

He further said that to destroy the country’s economy More strict measures will be taken against the smuggler mafia so that the elements that destroy the country’s economy like termites can be brought to a logical end.

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