Pakistan’s history is made up of sacrifices:Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri

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Quetta, (Parliament Times): Central Vice President Balochistan Awami Party Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri has said that the history of Pakistan is made up of sacrifices since the establishment of Pakistan till today our brave and strong forces have made eternal sacrifices for the protection of the country and the nation on Pakistan Defense Day. Senator Samina Mumtaz Zehri in a message on the occasion said that September 6 is very important in the history of Pakistan. The 1965 war was a great and historic event not only for our brave forces but also for the Indian forces. It is a war, but it is related to seeing the patriotism of the Pakistani nation during this war. In this war, the whole nation became like a leaden wall which was impossible to defeat.

She said that our Army, Navy, Air Force and entire together, the nation responded to India on every front and the cowardly Indians. Pakistani armed forces did not allow the enemy to take even an inch of the land of his homeland, for which the entire nation salutes and pays tribute to the Pakistani forces. By showing great bravery, courage and bravery, our military forces sacrificed their lives to protect the Pakistan and uprooted the enemy’s feet and became invincible for the defense of the motherland. Senator Samina Mumtaz Zahri said that today we have to renew our pledge that we will not let the sacrifices of our great martyrs go in vain and we will always maintain the same spirit of faith and determination for the protection, integrity and defense of our beloved motherland Pakistan. The entire nation demonstrated during the 1965 war.

Defense Day 2022 is very important because we are facing many challenges. The country is facing political and economic instability. It is also our national responsibility to take care of the safety and interests of the country at such a time. The biggest challenge that is being faced at this time is the damage caused by the recent rains and floods. There is a loss of precious lives and money and we can get out of this challenge only when we have unity and unison like the September war.  InshaALLAH, we as a nation of Pakistan will get out of this difficult time by coming together and supporting each other. She also said that, this is not the time for politics, politics can be done later. The biggest problem at the moment is the immediate relief and rehabilitation of the flood victims especially the victims of Balochistan.

Senator Samina Mumtaz further said that the recent rains were 411% more than normal, which made the situation out of control. Hundreds of lives have been lost due to rains and floods, while crops and livestock have been severely damaged; more than 90,000 houses have been partially or completely destroyed, while millions of people have become homeless.  Roads, dams, communications, gas, electricity transmission have also been severely damaged. We hope that soon, inshaALLAH, the damages of the affected people will be remedied immediately so that the flood victims of Balochistan can resettle in their homes.


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