Imran Khan granted interim bail in terrorism case

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ISLAMABAD: Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) has granted interim bail to Imran Khan in the case of threatening the judge besides restraining the police to arrest him till September 01.

Case was registered against Imran Khan under anti terrorism act for hurling threat on female additional sessions judge. He had obtained protective bail from Islamabad High Court in the case.

Stringent security arrangements were made at federal judicial complex on the occasion of appearance of Imran Khan in the court. The roads around the judicial complex were closed and irrelevant persons were not allowed to enter in the building. The vehicle of Imran Khan was not allowed to enter into the premises of judicial complex. Due to it Imran Khan reached ATC on foot along with Asad Umar, Pervez Khattak, Zulfi Bukhari and Fawad Chaudhry.

The bail plea came up for hearing before judge Raja Jawad Abbas Hassan of ATC Thursday.

At the inception of hearing of the case Babar Awan counsel for PTI said while opening arguments that “ see the first FIR. Magistrate Ali Javed is plainant of the case. According to prosecution three persons were threatened. Name of IG, Additional IG and magistrate Zeba were mentioned. No one among these three has become plainant .

Babar Awan said police registered case of terrorism. Are the words “ sharam karo” threats. “Sharam karo was made threat. “ziadti na karo, sharam karo words are used frequently in the society. It was said to IG, DIG “ you will not be spared. We will register case. Therefore, UN has taken notice and the whole world has cried over.
Citing to the statement by Imran Khan for taking action against the female magistrate he said we have taken action and we have resorted to high court.

The judge inquired during the hearing of the case is there any representative of state here.

Babar Awan replied “No” Notice will be issued today.
Judge remarked “ you should give arguments as there is no prosecutor.

Babar Awan replied who have been addressed they are not plainants of this case.

He further argued that new case was registered against Imran Khan on addressing rally. Asad Umar was nominated in this case who was at Lahore.

Babar Awan requested the court Imran Khan is contesting by polls in 9 constituencies, therefore, interim bail be granted for longer period.

The court while rejecting this plea remarked “ we are granting interim bail till September 01 now.

The court while granting interim bail to Imran Khan till September 01 against surety bonds of Rs 100000 restrained the police from arresting Imran Khan till September 01.

The court issued notices to police and plainants besides adjourning the hearing of the case till September 01.


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