Climate Change: An Alarming Situation

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Tehreem Raza
Since the industrial revolution in the 18th century till now, the temperature of the Earth has raised. The Earth had a balanced carbon cycle till 1970s. The anthropogenic activities and careless environmental attitude is leading towards global climate crisis. The climatic changes are dynamic and the global temperature is rising abruptly. If climate change remained uncontrolled, it will causes numerous deaths. The death rate will be 14 per 10 thousands till 2050. The carbon footprint is the major cause behind climatic changes. Annually, 51 billion carbon is being added to our atmosphere. Deforestation and land clearance is also another cause behind high carbon trapped in our atmosphere. The greenhouse gas emissions also include release of methane which is also fatal for the climate. Burning of fossil fuels generates greenhouse gas emissions that are trapped around the Earth and causes global warming. It is so because the sun’s heat is trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere and it leads to rise in the temperature of the Earth. The main emitters of carbon dioxide are the industrial effluents, transport, agriculture and buildings. All these activities are instigating long weather pattern changes. In Pakistan, pre monsoon was used to embark in June but now it begins in May, one month prior to the previous. The last decade from 2011-2020 has been declared the warmest of all. International reports shows that the temperature of Earth has touched 1.1 degree Celsius warmer than it was during the industrialization period. The temperature of Earth rises due to global warming that is a fact but only temperature rising is the start of the story. There are numerous other consequences of climatic changes. The consequences of climatic changes include severe droughts, water scarcity, pressure on the depletion of the natural resources, rising sea levels, infrequent storms, jeopardizing marine life and a deteriorating biodiversity. The Earth is called “mother land.” The rate of droughts in Pakistan have also increased from the previous years. The water level of Pakistan consumption have also decreased. The IMF report of 2020, have declared Pakistan 3rd in the list of those states which are facing acute water shortage. The changing weather patterns including fluctuations in monsoon period is another consequence of climatic changes. The pressure on the depletion of natural resources has enhanced because resources are limited and wants are unlimited. The marine life is also effected due to climatic changes. More carbon emissions have threatened marine life as well. The risk of famine has also increased. The entire biodiversity is on the brink of collision. In the most recent context, France is also facing drought due to heat wave in the Europe. Scientists warn that the severe droughts occur in Europe could be worst in 500 years. The temperature of water is rising and the river are being dried up. The thirsty plants are absorbing more moisture and reduced snowfall is creating an alarming situations for plethora of European states. Normally, the temperature of Europe falls around 18 degree Celsius but the recent data shows that the temperature have increased even from 1.94 degree Celsius to 1.99 degree Celsius creating an agitating situation around the globe. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCC is also taking strategic measures to combat climate change around the planet. China has also joined Europe in the forthcoming threats of worsening droughts. All the developed nations are also apprehensive towards the catastrophic climatic changes around the globe. Climate changes and its impact on Pakistan are also worse that is creating an agitating and jittery situation nationwide. The data shows that Pakistan falls at 137 out of 157 states in the integrated literacy youth and the current literacy rate of Pakistan falls at 62.3% which means that only 60 Million people are illiterate in the state. The literacy rate and the responsibility reflects each other. The more citizens become responsible the most the environment will be conserved. Bill Gates in his book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” speaks about the tree plantation. He believes that planting and growing trees around the globe will only help USA to mitigate its climate crisis. He believes that Climate changes should be contained by human behaviour. The more humans are civilized the most the globe will become an inclusive place to live in. Currently, Pakistan’s glaciers are melting vigorously. Anatol Lieven in his book, “Pakistan: A Hard Country” writes that all the glaciers of Pakistan will be melt down by 2045. So the climatic changes are serious issues. The role of the people in combating climate change is required. The role of the government should be inclusive where the environment and the life of the people need to be protected. Pakistan have five rivers and the Indus River is the king of all. Its origin is Tibet and it ends in the Arabian Sea. Pakistan has one of the best irrigation system in the region but still Pakistan is on the verge of water crisis as well. In a nutshell, there is a need to collaborate with the citizens in a sustainable way where all the cities of Pakistan will follow the United Nations Goal number 11 that highlights “sustainable cities and communities” making cities safer, resilient and inclusive. The human life as well as marine life will be protected when there will be co-operation between public and private sector. The progressive and the vital role of the government in maintaining environmental law and order is required where all the citizens of Pakistanis can breathe in fresh air. Moreover, the government needs to develop a framework where the provincial governments will set targets to contain carbon emissions at provincial level. There is a need to regulate environmental law and order in the state where climate changes will be contained through government stringent strategic measures. There is also need to produce environmental friendly industrial materials so that the marine life is protected. Pakistan can become a sustainable state if all the citizens of Pakistan takes responsibility to mitigate climatic changes. It is only possible if the government launches campaigns through electronic media and social media in a secured and regulated framework so that the Pakistan may become a better and environment friendly state to live in.

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