Ikramuddin honored with the India Asia Peace Prize Award.

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 Head of GTME awarded many awards and certificates of honor from foreign countries before
ITILY/ SICILY:(Parliament Times) : Ikramuddin,The head of Jazba Ittihad Union of Journalists Europe Organization and the chief executive of Global Times Media Europe, was awarded the India-Asia Peace Prize Award. According to the details of the International Peace Corps Association, International Global Times Media Europe Chief Executive Ikramuddin was honored with the Asia Peace Prize Award. He has been awarded with awards and honorary certificates from many foreign countries for his important role in reaching the authorities for solving the problems of overseas which is a matter of pride for Pakistan.It is need to be noted that Chief ikramuddin also included in the list of Top 30 Europe’s Journalists and also been declared the best journalists from the United States.His domestic and international positive journalism will always be remembered.On this occasion international global times media europe chief executive ikramuddin said that He congratulates international peace corps association members for their selfless services for human rights and wish the members all the best..

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