Bright memories of General Sarfaraz Ali Shaheed

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Hafiz Sajjad Qamar
During the Balochistan Flood Rail operation, Commander Quetta and the plane with him were reported to be missing and were depressed and very worried that until some explanation was given that they were not ready to accept it was General Sarfraz Ali. The amiable and opposition came before the eyes. The heart was filled with sadness. Immediately a message from Quetta command Colonel Ashfaq has been confirmed. But I have received a request for prayers from everyone. I and the entire nation are praying with similar searches in our hearts, the entire nation will spend the night. But the real owner approves something else. Lord God. Indeed, everything is for Allah and to Him must be returned. (Al-Baqarah) It was reported that the helicopter belonging to General Sarfraz Ali and his colleagues, who was monitoring the flood relief operation, went missing while going to Karachi from Othal area of Lasbela. Its wreckage was found in some krawar near Musa Goth in Sakran. Lasbela is the native area of former Chief Minister Jam Kamal. The local people were busy in the search till one o’clock in the night but the search operation had to be stopped due to the darkness of the night. And the diamonds and pearls of the buried nation were found in it. Along with General Sarfraz Ali, recently promoted Major General Amjad Hanif, Brigadier Muhammad Khalid, Major Saeed Ahmed, Major Talha Manan, and Naik Mudassar Fayyaz also entered Jannat Firdous-ul-Ala. The helicopter lost contact with the control tower on the way after taking off from Othal at 5:10. Everyone has gone. But this world is such that it confuses us all the time that there is still a lot of time left. Life has just begun. But successful are those who are busy preparing for it. While doing so, they leave to meet their real creator. Lieutenant General Chaudhry Sarfaraz Ali Shaheed was from Sialkot. He was born in Sargodha, the city of Shaheen. His father was Squadron Leader Chaudhry Dewan Ali. Apart from him, he has two brothers and two sisters. His mother is alive. He has one son and There are two daughters. The son is Capt Ahmed who was serving as ADC with him. General Sarfraz Ali belonged to the 79th Long Course. And he was a part of Pakistan Army’s Azad Kashmir Regiment. My regional friend and well-known journalist Mutiullah Jan who has a unique identity in journalism. He and General Sarfraz was in the same platoon. A true honest journalist also reminisced about this period with the General. He showed humility, tolerance and a balanced personality everywhere. A hardworking and diligent student. Knowledge, whose prepared notes served as a continuous charity. General Sarfraz Ali was the IG of Frontier Corps. During this period he was also in Turbat. Brigadier Abdullah was with him during that time. But when he left, he was still in ablution). And whenever a martyr’s funeral was brought, he would lead the funeral prayer. His eyes would be filled with tears while kissing the coffin of the martyr. Brigadier Abdullah offered three prayers under his leadership. He was a true believer. Once in a distant village an old lady was sick. He himself went to visit her and then shifted her to Quetta Hospital. He wished that girls should be taught. Longing for forgiveness in the hereafter, he contributed to this work to the best of his ability and made a large number of women of Turbat skilled. You were Pakistan’s Defense Attaché in the US. When the current Chief of Army Staff was commanding the 10th Corps, you commanded the Triple One Brigade. After returning from America, he was appointed Commandant of Staff College Quetta, then DG Military Intelligence was appointed. After Military Intelligence, he was appointed FC Balochistan South. This is the area where Genral was martyred. In December 2020, you were appointed as Corps Commander Quetta. My first introduction to the general was Major General Dilawar Khan. He hails from Gujarat. He is a soldier with a true professional character and a highly educated intellectual. He was performing his duties. During his trip to Quetta, where he was the host, he was having a detailed discussion about Balochistan. At the end of 2013, when I went to Quetta with the Federal Minister for Religious Affairs, Sardar Muhammad Yousuf, our host used to say: not to go out after sunset. But this was no longer the case. Chaudhry Imtiaz and we were walking outside even late at night and enjoying the beautiful weather. Brother Major Dilawar Khan explained the situation in detail. The most important focus was education. Special attention was given to colleges, universities as well as higher education. 12th Corps from a consortium of various institutions arranged it for them and tried to ensure that no one was left behind. Not only education, but accommodation and all other arrangements were made for them. Bhai Dilawar Khan moved to Hydabad and General Sarfaraz Jannat, but Chashma Faiz continues. This world is a grass and we are all animals Everyone will fly away speaking their own dialects. is now supervised by Lt. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, who himself is a high intellectual and education-loving person. When he visited UMT for Condolence of Dr. Hasan Sohaibb Murad Shaheed in 2018 ,he announced scholarships for students from remote areas. Last year also we went to Quetta. Then Genral Sarfaraz discussed educational projects in detail with President of UMT. (Hopefully, General Asif Ghafoor will take them forward). When i mentioned Brother Major General Dilawar khan, the General praised him a lot and said that he is a great officer and has worked very well with me. Everyone praises on the face. But. Your real mention and introduction is what someone does in your absence. Bhai Mahmood was the General’s staff officer. He was opening the layers of his memories from the General. That under his leadership. Everyone used to take fearless actions. This was because they were protecting their juniors and wanted to take full advantage of their abilities. When he was the Corps Commander, he instructed his staff to collect the data of the families of the martyrs and get their new contact numbers so that we could stay in touch with them, and he did the same even when he IGFC South was. Similarly, he used to go to Dera Ismail Khan Tawatar to meet the parents of Lt. Atif Qayyum who was the first martyr in Swat. He was a true and loving soldier by nature. There was interest. He was too hard for enemies. And too soft for friends Be gentle like silk If there is truth or falsehood, steel is a believer Mahmood also testified that he did not see the general missing the funeral of any martyr. He always led the funeral himself. Similarly, he never missed prayer while traveling. He was always ablution. Indeed, he was a believer. He always tried to attend the weddings of his friends and loved ones. His best habit was that even when he was a young officer, he cared about everyone and was connected to everyone. Mehmood was telling that once his daughter was admitted to CMH , despite his busy schedule, he came to the hospital and visited his daughter. It was a big encouraging step for me. Working with them is a memory for me.General Sarfraz loved pets like chickens and birds and took care of them very passionately. No one believed in the martyrdom of such a loving person. Although there was no publicity about the time and place of the funeral, yet when I and Brother Malik Abrar Ahmed reached the race course, there were thousands of people. No, the race course ground was chosen instead. We went ahead and joined the funeral procession. Lt Gen Asif Ghafoor was the first to be followed. We stood there. In the meantime, General Faiz Hameed also arrived. Corps Commander Lahore General Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Corps Commander Rawalpindi General Sahir Shamshad Mirza were already there. General R. Muhammad Afzal came, so I Malik Abrar slipped and made room. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif came. Behind were Khawaja Muhammad Asif and Ziaullah Shah. Meanwhile, Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa also arrived. He went to Quetta that morning and attended the funeral of the martyrs there and also met with the heirs of martyrs. The heirs of the martyrs were with them. The first row was complete. In front of us, a cute child who was just stepping on the threshold of youth, stood. General Afzal asked whose son. He was Major General Amjad. He was the son of Hanif. Then we all met him. He comforted us. Meanwhile, a tall man came out from the line and told the children of the martyrs to stand in my place. This tall man was the Chief of Army Staff. There are many things about the army. But this scene was visible. The funeral prayer was performed and the army chief came and stood near the body of the general. He was telling people that the coffin was closed, so you should pass by. Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani, Deputy Chairman Senate Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Former Deputy Chairman Senate Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haidari, Senator Shibli Faraz, Senator Sarfraz Bugti, Asad Umar of Tehreek-e-Insaf, Former Speaker Asad Qaiser, Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mehmood Khan and countless leaders. And the people were there. After reading the funeral, I and brother Malik Abrar Ahmed ex MNA came out of the race course ground and proceeded towards the army cemetery. We thought that the leaders had all gone. But as soon as we crossed the gate, the army chief was standing in front of him. The commandos were standing in front. So General Sahib called Malik Abrar and we went forward. We met the Army Chief. Offered our condolences and then stood there and waited for the funerals. Major General Brother Muhammad Irfan was also standing there. The funerals came. So the army chief went ahead and shouldered everyone in turn. We also got this blessing. In all stages of the burial, the Army Chief stood with his commanders. He gave instructions from time to time. He called the children of the martyrs to him, encouraged them. He consoled everyone. He advised patience. Called one by name. The daughter of Brigadier Khalid Shaheed was crying a lot. He put his hand on her head. The body was lowered into the khaki tomb. There was a ceremony to give the last sign of the martyrs and the national flag to the heirs of the martyrs. There was a lot of rush. The chief himself called all the heirs forward. He made them stand in one place. He kissed the national flag himself and then handed it over to the heirs of the martyrs in turn. They also kissed the national flag. They placed it with their eyes. Then the chief placed it on the three graves in turn. Placed flowers and recited Fatiha on each grave. The truth is that the army chief’s participation in the complete burial of the martyrs from the accident has impressed me. It goes on from there. Seeing the love and attachment of the army chief to his soldiers and officers in this way, I felt a sense of satisfaction that this is truly a Pak army. It is an army with faith, piety and jihad in the cause of Allah. I will not give any more references in this holy text but this is the spirit of Pakistan Army which makes it unique in the whole world. After that, Corps Commander Lahore General Muhammad Abdul Aziz and I had the privilege of reciting sermons at the graves of General Sarfraz Ali Shaheed, Major General Amjad Hanif Shaheed, Brigadier Khalid Shaheed. I was more satisfied to see the white-beared Lieutenant General Muhammad Abdul Aziz reciting. This is the kingdom of God. And the forces of this country are associated with this soil. They are related to Makkah and Madinah. Corps Commander Rawalpindi Sahir Shamshad Mirza, who was standing nearby, called Captain Ahmed, son of General Sarfaraz Ali Shaheed, and the sons of the martyrs. Now you are the elder of the house. You have to take care of the whole house and support. Saudi Arabia’s military attaché, Major General Awad Abdullah Al-Zharani, was also taking the dead body to the graves. They were also putting soil. The eternal love and friendship of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan was also being expressed that in this hour of grief, the brothers of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. There can be mistakes. But there is no crookedness in its foundation. And this kingdom will remain forever. Insha’Allah.

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