An open letter to Chief Minister Sindh!

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Noor Khan Bakhrani Tangwani

My respected sir, it is stated with heavy heart that an innocent child aged three years has been abducted from outside of his house located in Madrasa Muhala Tangwani District Kashmore for the last 25 days. The incident of kidnapping of little child Junaid Ahmed Bakhrani happened in broad daylight at 3:00 PM. The agony and trauma of the parents and whole family members of innocent little kid can’t be expressed in words. How the family of kidnapped innocent child is mentally disturbed and upset? Surely, its beyond the comprehension of common man. Only a father or mother can feel the separation of one’s apple of eyes. So far the performance of law enforcing agencies and Kashmore-Tangwani Police to recover the child is not only poor but also very disappointing. As the days pass the uncertainty, depression,  melancholy, tribulation and mourning of the grieved family continue to inhance. Until and unless the innocent child is not recovered the mother of missing child will go into more and deep shock. It is also pertinent to mention here that despite taking notice of the incident by your honour the Provincial Minister Mir Shabir Ali Khan Bijarani visited the house of kidnapped innocent child Junaid Ahmed Bakhrani, met with the parents, consoled, expressed his sympathy and solidarity with them and assured to leave no stone unturned to get the minor child recovered as soon as possible. Simultaneously, the Kashmore-Tangwani Police is consistently making hollow promises and getting time but so far the out put is zero. On the other-hand the affected family is continuously, protesting on the roads and crying for justice and citizens, civil society, political, religious, nationalist parties and activists took out demonstration rallies and held three days hunger strike camp, observed sit-in, business community observed shutter down strike and people from different communities blocked the main Kandhkot-Ghous pur National High road demanding the early recovery of little child but all in vain. Surprisingly, I would like to know the motive from concerned authorities has either the sky lifted the kid or the earth has swallowed him? Why a little child is not being recovered from the clutches of kidnappers even 25 days have elapsed whose miserable mother goes unconscious at every moment to remember her piece of liver. The wicked, inhuman and savage kind of people emptied the lap of a mother who is weeping round the clock and remains upset for the safety of her little kid.Honourable sir, being the chief executive of Sindh Province this is your foremost and utmost responsibility not to provide speedy and early justice but also bring the merriments back to the affected family. Taking the opportunity of an esteemed newspaper, through my today’s letter once again your Excellency is reminded to very kindly on humanitarian basis take all the stakeholders on board in this perspective and ensure the safe recovery of three-years old innocent child Junaid Ahmed Bakhrani at the earliest and earn the prayers and blessings of affected family whose joys and peace of mind are at sixes and sevens since their kid has went missing

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