Review of Speech, We all are perfectly imperfect

Sidra Barkat
It is a story of a woman and is Mubina Mazari. It is about that we all are perfectly imperfect and when she was 18 years old. She got accident and was completely injured. She wasn’t able to walk, paint and to birth a child but she still didn’t cry on theses hurdles therefore, she never thinks that she is disable because she said if I can’t walk I can sit on a wheel chair and walk also she said, there are many children I can adopt one of them thereon she adopted one baby boy named NIELE and his mother learnt many things from him. Additionally, she beautifully stated “sometimes problem are not vast but we are too small to regulate them.” she means we should on the problem not under the problem and never give up because failure is not opposite of success, it is a part of success and failure should be an option but not giving up and never die before your death. It means that be confident every problem has a a therapy and we should accept what we are. We should make ourselves perfect not for people but for ourselves. It is beneficial for me and every point of this speech has a deep meaning and significant. Therefore, I understood everything and everyone should watch this speech. It is helpful and confides you the way of living a life.

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