Students aren’t safe

Aijaz Mazari
I want to draw the attention to the higher authorities who are responsible for such crimes. Police, agencies etc. We have seen such cases every day. Nobody knows who killed them and then they give the name. He had committed suicide. According to Durkheimian theory! Why do people die by suicide? Because of lack of meaningful social interaction with society. In Sindh, it is common to kill someone. DR Parveen Rind , DR Namirta , Irfan Jataoi, Shahbaz Khan were killed on the title of suicide. Recently, Ashfaq Ahmed shar who was a final year student of law at university of Sindh was killed by an unknown person and then hanged his body with fan. Those who possess power can do anything. It is requested by the Sindh government that action should be taken against them to provide justice to the victim’s family.

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