Long hours loading-shedding in Tangwani!

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Noor Khan Bakhrani Tangwani
In very hot summer days of June and July the hottest areas of some districts of Sindh temperature touches 50 centigrade. The routine daily activities of common people are badly affected due to unannounced and unnecessary power-outages for many hours in urban as well as rural areas. The house gadgets functioning on electricity are of no use for consumers and business activities in the city came to stand still due to disruption and non-availability of light. The lives of citizens have become miserable and they are facing severe hardships and difficulties and these days life has become hard to pass without electricity. In 21st century the invention of electricity is considered as a boon and blessing for mankind. But unfortunately, the currupt rulers and concerned authorities of SEPCO deprived the masses of this modern facility. Currently, either electricity is disrupted for many days or plays hide and seek in town Tangwani. It is stated with great regret that despite unbearable heat wave in the country the timing of electricity is uncertain and in 24 hours light remains off for 20 to 22 hours in our town Tangwani. On the other hand if restored after making frequent complaints and hue and cry it goes of like blinking of eyes in addition with fluctuation of voltages.Today through the esteemed column of this newspaper I would like to draw the kind attention of WAPDA and SEPCO officials to have mercy on common people and decrease the duration of load-shedding to provide maximum relief to the citizens. Hopefully the local employees of SEPCO authorities like Sub Division Officer (SDO), line superintendent and linemen will change their attitude and mind-set towards the masses and try their level the best to mitigate their sufferings and tribulations.

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