Untapped Hydrocarbon reserves in Balochistan

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Naseebullah khan
Balochistan is rich in hydrocarbons resources where Gas was discovered in 1952 for the first time in Sui and then in Dera Bugti, that has been providing to the nook and corner of the country. Despite this, there is abundance of more Gas and Oil, which, if extracted, can help in huge benefits to exchequre.Estimatedly, Balochistan,s proven oil reserves are estimated to be 313 million barrel. While, some estimate that province has 6 billion of Oil reserves. In 2018, Tsveten Paraskova wrote in Divergente LLC consulting firm that there is huge deposits of Oil in Pak __ Iran. According to that study, these reserves are more then that of Kwait,s. At current Pakistan imports 85 percent oil, if work is initiated on the extraction of these resources Pakistan would not only meet its own demands but also could export it. Gas_ on the other side has been contributing since 1952. Estematedly, there are proven reserves are 29.67 trillion cubic feet gas in the province. In 2020, in Kalat, explorers found that there is 1 trillion cubic feet of Gas while in Musakhel exploratary well in Lakhirud X_1, Jandran X_ 4 well Barkhan, and in Jandran west X_1 well in Kohlu, along with in Mughalkot and Parah formation__gigantic reserves have been explored. What to do for extracting Oil and Gas in Balochistan? The immediate remedy is to bring peace in the province so that the investors feel secure in a friendly atmosphere for their investments. Despite it, there is a dire need of taking the province into confidence by the federal government for future investment__ for that abiding by article 172(3) will be a source of trust building

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