Punjab Vocational Training Council offers opportunities to unsuccessful candidates

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Sahiwal,(Bureau report) : Punjab Vocational Training Council has trained approximately 9,80,000 young men and women with the demand-driven skills. According to the study from Directorate General of Monitoring & Evaluation, Planning and Development Department, Government of Punjab, the employability ratio of PVTC pass outs is 82% that is best one among all the Provincial TEVTAs.The admissions are being offered in 200 Vocational Training Institutes through Self-Finance and Sponsored Training Schemes.Sponsor A Child’ Scheme represents true image of social responsibility and solidarity with the community and society we belong to. Through this project, the wealthy people around would contribute to the youth of deserving community by paying the fee in terms of Zakat, charity or donation for them to get trained with the quality vocational skills. So that the beneficiary may stand on one’s feet and would further contribute his/her skills in earning respectable livelihood for self and the family. It will enable the child to bear himself and effectively contribute his/her part in economic sustainability for the country. The program is also being offered for all the prospective students with no upper age limit.Along with this, the admissions are being offered on Self-Finance basis also. Those prospective candidates who remained unsuccessful to secure admissions in Regular Zakat Based Courses and Training Programs, have good opportunity now to get admission on Self-Finance basis so that they may get trained in trade of their choice through paying the fee for the training program. This initiative will also contribute effectively in achieving economic empowerment and sustained national economy. The Self Finance Program is being offered for all the prospective students with no upper age limit.
These admissions are being offered in 200 Vocational Training Institutes through Zakat Funded Courses. And now through Sponsored Training Programs and Self Finance Scheme, all these admissions are the inclusion of the prospective trainees either by holding hand of the deserving or to offer the self-pay capability of the willing ones.Vocational Skills and Education is playing a pivotal role in improving people’s lives economically. As a result of the skill education, not only the lives of families of the trained workforce are moving towards financial and economic independence but it also gives positive implications to the national economy.
Punjab Vocational Training Council through its Vocational Training Institutes, is not only playing active role in providing vocational training and employable skills education to young men and women of Punjab in 65 different disciplines as per the demand of the industry but also playing key role in promoting financial and economic sustainability of the country.

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