Reiterate full solidarity with brave defense forces of Pakistan

Hearts of entire Pakistani nation, Kashmiris Beat In Unison With Valiant Armed Forces of Pakistan: AJK Civil Society say:

Altaf Hamid Rao;

MIRPUR (Parliament Times):   “Hearts of the entire Pakistani nation including people of Kashmir beat in unison with the valiant armed forces of Pakistan – since our armed forces are the custodian of the ideological and geographical frontiers of the country”.

These views were expressed by eminent AJK business community elder – Senior Vice President of All Azad Jammu Kashmir Anjuman –e-Tajran Suhail Shujah Mujahid while talking to our Special AJK Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao  here on Tuesday.

Lambasting upon certain vested interest elements criticizing the armed forces of Pakistan under the bogey of the vested political interests through the social media, Mujahid, also the former President of Azad Jammu Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AJKCCI / MCCI), stated that such vested interest elements targeting  the valiant armed forces of the country of their unwarranted and uncalled for criticism through the social media since past few days, could never be declared patriot. “Rather those criticizing our defense forces should be severely punished through the summary trials for allegedly indulging in such anti-state activities”, the AJK business community leader demanded.

Suhail said “we are proud of the highly professional role and skills of our valiant armed forces of Pakistan, the world’s 6th big and best defense force,  who always well performed for the defense of inch after inch of the motherland during war times, during fight against terrorism to make the country clean of the terrorists by eliminating these evils from their roots and while helping the suffering masses during all types of catastrophes including earthquakes, floods as and when the country suffered during the peace time”, he added.

Another business community leader of AJK and President Insaaf Traders Wing Mirur Raja Khalid Mahmood Khan, while expressing full solidarity with the brave armed forces of Pakistan said “the valiant armed forces are the first and last line of defense of the country”. Talking to our Special AJK Correspondent Altaf Hamid Rao here on Tuesday, Khan said “since Pakistani nation and the armed forces of Pakistan stands united as one life, the enemy can never, ever have the courage to face us at any front”.  “State  always stands important as compared to the politics at every stage”, Khalid categorically declared while expressing full solidarity with the armed forces of Pakistan.

Raja Khalid Khan continued as saying  “ the armed forces of Pakistan are the respect and honour of the country – since the defense forces always focused to perform their constitutional role in both war and peace times – whether it was war against terrorism or for the defense of the boundaries of the country besides during all kinds of  the natural catastrophes – the country faced”, he added.

“The great supreme sacrifices and services of the valiant armed forces of Pakistan cannot be ignored at any stage”, he concluded.

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