Book Review”Qadeem Baloch qubahil our Balochistan ki qadeem threeq”

Mahaz Ahmed
This book is written by a Baloch author whose name is Dr. Farooq Baloch. He has written several books that all are aspects of history. This book is published by Balochi Academy Quetta in 2021. It collected five chapters, each chapter is talking about another topic in the history of the Baloch nation.However, the word Baloch was used in the first book of history. Dr. Bellow pronounced the word “Baloch”. He said that it is part of the Rajput tribal ” Chauhan”. The word Baloch means too much power full. According to him, the Baloch nation is owned by this tribe. On the other hand, an English historian HG Romance was the first man who said Baloch is the “Saami” lineage. He does not hesitate here however, he said Baloch is the generation of “Namrood” because he points out that the title of ” Namrood” was “Balos” and that rumor modified into the Baloch with time.Moreover, there are various tribals’ names were present in this book. These names are also mentioned in the first book of history which is written by the father of history Herodotus. Herodotus wrote these words likewise; Meed, Peerkhani, Dia, Kolachi, Karmani, Saggedian, Mishi, and Hot. These tribes are also presented today, but their names are somehow different because he wrote these names in plural forms. Furthermore, the writer is talking about a well-known historical region” Mehrghad”. In Mehrghad, archaeologists found the bones of the human. When they research them then, they come to know these bones were ten thousand years ago. Further, they describe that the people of Mehrghad were able to have surgery on teeth because they found some indications that were indicating this fact. This book puts on informative information about Balochistan’s history and its pristine tribes. After reading this book we come to know where the Baloch nation came from where. We are also well aware that the word Baloch when used and was used in history. At last, it is my humble plea to you that you should go for buying this book. Because it increases our knowledge about our motherland Balochistan and its scads.

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