Imran Khan: A civil dictator and a pro- imperialist

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Naseebullah Khan
Populism and personality cult are curses when they are used for self aggrendize as Imran Khan has done. It becomes a wheel of destruction not only for the country but also for the individual himself in long term. The same happend with Imran Khan which made him a civil dictator and pro_imperialist.When he came into power, he sensitized people through delusions of change. Despite many promises he pledge of abiding rule of law and eradication of corruption. Regrettably, his dictatorial attitude resulted in his failure in both cases. Rather, the country,s rank in most corrupt countries surged from 117 to 140. On the other side, he and deputy speaker of his party in national assembly were involved in the subversion of the law of the land. After assuming the office, Imran Khan shacked his hand with those whom he had called decoit. The mantra of anti corruption remained a witch_hunt against silencing the voices of the opposition by involving them in fake cases. On the other side, Mr. Khan zipped his lips on the corruption of his party members such as Farah Gogi, Zulfi Bukhari, and Peshawer Metro scandal etc. The recent scandal of Toshakhana a state owned department that is responsible for keeping foreign gifts that are given to state officials. The Prime Minister himself bought expensive gifts including diamond jewellery sets, bracelets and wrist watches with petty cash and then sold out with a huge prifit. As per the Cabinet Divisions of Pakistan documents Mr. Imran Khan paid a total sum of Rs 38.17 million against the gifts retained worth Rs142.0421 million. Though, there might not be illegality but it was ethnically wrong and that nothing was declared in tax returns for three years. Dictators always crack down on media. Imran Khan used same tactics by silencing those independent journalists by suffocating their voice who were critical to his policies. He bannd credible journalists appearing on TV screens and promulgated a black ordinance ___ the PECA to curb freedom of speech. All those who oppossed his fascist policies were trolled, blamed, and abused. He remained agitator during his reign and used authoratarian tacts against opponents and media persons. Like dictators, he also run the government through ordinances and promulgated records of ordinances in the history of the country. He also bypassed parliament and made it dysfunctional. During the election for the slot of Chief Minister of Punjab, the irresponsible tweet of Mr Fawad Chaudhry the right hand of Imran Khan deliberately said that Pakistan is heading towards civil war. He openly endorsed violence and unrest. He said “we are inches away from full fledge Civil unrest, ImranKhan PTI has exercised utmost restraint very soon even he won’t be able to stop this very angry mob and we will see Country plunging into a civil unrest, imported leaders will not be able to leave the Country.” This was after this tweet when the PTI members of Punjab assembly attacked assembly members and deputy speaker undermining the sanctity of assembly during the election for chief minister. When Imran Khan realized that his government is not delivering and has brought the country at the brink of bankruptcy and institutional decline___he started to create a narrative of anti__imperialism on the basis of a lettergate episode so that to attract his voters for next elections. While, at the same time he was visiting Russia at a time when the whole international community was agaist the Russian agression of Ukraine. He, on the flip side, admired the Indian Fascist prime minister Narendra Modi over his policies with respect to the imperialist and expentionist design of Russia. The hypocrisy of Mr. Khan can be gauged when he came beck from his official visit of America during president Trump tenure___ Mr. Imran Khan while answering to the media persons about the visit and his meeting with Mr. Trump, replied that i have won another world cup. Whe have ample examples that under the reign of a dictator, the sbbversion of constitution becomes a play game. The same was happening with Imran Khan who was the main architect behind the unconstitutional rullimg of deputy speaker of national assembly on April 3rd. When the supreme court of Pakistan declared thay ruling as void ab initio, the PTI led speaker again on the advice of Imran Khan tactically tried to contempt of court. It was Mr.Imran Khan who used to blame institutions and called supreme court by alleging that the honourable court is favoring opposition. Under the reign of the PTI, families of missing people who were protesting faced water cannons, myriad of women rights activists faced blasphemy charges while students faced sedition cases for demanding their basic rights. He even did not shame when during his reign the private rooms of female opposition leaders were raided. He tried utmost to use tyrannical methods like a dictator to silence his opponents by initiating fake cases against opponents. Populism and personality cult made Imran Khan stubborn, arrogant, tyrant, propaganda specialist, expert in sensitizing the layman, and indulged him in narcissism, egoism, and in hallucination. These shortcomings made him a civil dictator and his favoring for Russia and his admiration for Narendra Modi further exposed him as a pro_imperialist leader.



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