Drug addiction

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Sidra Baloch
Drug addiction has become an enlarging issue that can be solved but we are not solving it. Particularly in our state, Turbat as there is no medical heal, no rehabilitation no restriction for them, and no helping party melancholy is the crucial basis of this raising issue. Drug addicts use drugs when they are in depression which compels them to utilize drugs. youth of our new generation is also included furthermore it’s been a trend and some find it as a solution to all issues as depression and rest of them follow the footstep of there elders. Drugs supplies have become a great business probably in our area because it has profit a drug dealer becomes a drug smuggler in greed of money and then a drug addict and finally dies a drug death. Government can strike against the drugs smuggler which is making a disease that affects a human’s brain and behavior This Leads to the ability to control the use of a legal or illegal drug or medication. our remains the future of our country, our youths and also new generation so, lastly, it is my humble request to the Government of Balochistan to stop that baleful downfall immediately otherwise it destroys our new generation

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