Importance of technology in education

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Bushra Allah Bakhsh
Technology is one of the biggest supports in learning. It is a key aspect of learning in schools,colleges or universities. The technologies which are used in educational field are: mobile phones, computers, laptop, projectors, tablets. These forms of technology bring multiple resources for the teachers that’s not in the book. That not only keep students engaged with new exciting features and apps, but also have other ways to reach students material. Furthermore, the students of this generation are considered technological learners. They learn best being more interactive and technology is the best way to help them. Children often struggle to stay on tasks or interested, and with resources to help the teachers,they can better stay focused and learn faster.Technology allows 24/7 access to educational resources. Classes can b covered entirely through laptop or a mobile device. In the current time, the issue of Covid_19 created a huge disturbance in student’s learning. So, the educators need to be able to develop and weigh in on online educational content. The urgent actions taken during this crisis did not provide sufficient time for this.Access is an added concern. For example, every student is not provided a laptop or internet connectivity can be unreliable in homes. Thus, every individual need technology, especially in learning to practice social distancing,but it is sad to say that not all students have access to device,such as computers ,laptops and smartphones. Technology helps students to access various information to satisfy their hunger for learning.Lastly,every students must be engaged in different kinds of latest technology in educational field to brighten their perspective life.

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