Naya Sindh

Faris Khaliq
Amid growing calls of no-trust motion against the premier Imran Khan from the opposition, especially Sindh-centric PPP. It is pertinent to mention here how PTI-led Centre fills the gaps of the incompetence of PPP governance left. It’s 9 pm on Sunday. In a village near the dusty town of Matiari, Ali Soomro; aged 17; the elder son of an Ajrak-woven trader in a city famous for its Ajrak; and a vibrant student who has big dreams to achieve with his studies. But, at the moment, he was struggling to study for his paper for tomorrow. Why? The abrupt load-shedding was leaving him unable to concentrate on his studies. “How do you focus on papers’ preparations when the lights go off at night by 8 pm? he exasperated.Some 150 kilometers away, it’s almost dusk in Umerkot. While the town has come alive after a day of hectic activity. Ama Rabu, a quinquagenarian, after toiling away in the fields of cotton all day, went back to her home rather hastily to make a meal for her children, only to find out the gas ran out again.“Now, my kids have to sleep hungry. It’s not fair,” she lamented. In the meantime, the arduous and bumpy ride from Hyderabad to Sukkur highway has left Yasir Ahmed, a lorry driver from Hyderabad—dejected to add insult to injury, the pitted road of the route made the journey grueling and long. This, in return, affected the delivery of goods on time. “If the goods are delivered late, there’ll be hell to pay,” anxious Yasir remarke” PM Imran Khan Came to the Rescue” However, on April 16, 2021, something miraculous happened. It is when Prime Minister Imran Khan, flanked by Planning Commission Minister, Asad Umer, announced a “game-changer” development package for Sindh, which would not just prove to be a boon but also an elixir that could potentially uplift 14 underdeveloped districts of Sindh. Details of the package revealed a whopping Rs446 billion of 107 projects had been earmarked for infrastructure projects, water management, and power supply in Sindh, which PM Imran Khan said would “bring prosperity” to the people of Sindh.

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