Positive Attitude

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Fareeda Baloch
Most of us know the role of positive attitude on our lives. The book “ Attitude is Everything” ,which was written by one of the great writer Jeff Keller, clearly mentions the importance of Positive Attitude on our lives. What we do when we get anger or we are unhappy then we go for negative attitude which destroys us more than anything. There are many Best impacts of positive attitude. The most important one is that people will try to listen us more than anyone because of our positive attitude and responses. On the other hand, if we are negative minded people then no one will pay us Salam because they don’t like our attitude. Our attitude shows that from which family we belong to. Our attitude shows how our environment and our parents have brought up us. Our attitude shows how our teachers and our guiders guided us. People judge us from our attitude. So I, as a responsible citizen of this country, request to all the students, teachers, and parents that for the sake of God please be safe from negative minded people and those who are having negative attitude. Because they are already destroyed and if we be with them then we will be also ruined. There is a proverb which fits here. “ society molds the Men.”

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