The Situation of Corona Pandemic in Pakistan

Rabia Rasheed
The 2019 Corona virus, which appeared in Wuhan, China, spread to more than 213 countries and territories. It poses a global threat and is now an epidemic declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). On February 11, 2019, the World Health Organization named the disease caused by the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 as COVID-19. Pakistan reported its first case on February 26, 2020, when a student from Iran tested positive. During his four-month arrival, 69 cases of COVID-19 were reported in Pakistan, with 1483 deaths and 496 cases reported while 25,271 people have recovered. Pakistan, a country that is still struggling to stand on its own two feet, has been plagued by an epidemic that has worsened the situation for the nation, be it economic, political or educational.All educational institutions were closed by the government from March 13, 2020. But Pakistan is one of the countries that has gained complete control over the four layers of COVID-19. The situation in the first two layers of CoVID-19 is out of control but Pakistan has taken drastic steps to get out of this situation. Then came two other layers that are very dangerous for Pakistan as well. According to the National Command Operations Center, more than 0.234 million people in Pakistan are infected with COVID 19 and more than 11,000 deaths have occurred across the country. The government of Pakistan has taken various measures like smart lockdown to control the epidemic as much as possible. Institutions are booming after the lockdown was lifted and people are in a state of unrest. The non-compliance with SOPs has led to a growing trend of people contracting communicable diseases, which has put a heavy burden on the health department. During a new spike of COVID-19 in Pakistan, the average daily rate of confirmed cases and deaths has once again reached +4500 and +30, respectively.The average national positivity rate is 9.8% while some big cities show higher rates (Peshawar 27%, Lahore 10.8%, Islamabad 8.6%, Karachi 12% m Hyderabad 20%). A complex vaccination program has been launched in Pakistan.38% (86 million) of the total Pakistani population has been fully vaccinated, while 49% (110 million) have been given the first dose of the vaccine. 3 million Pakistanis have been given booster dose. Everyone is talking about Corona virus disease (COVID-19), and wherever you look there is information about the virus and how to protect yourself from it. Knowing the facts is key to being properly prepared and protecting yourself and your loved ones. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information out there that is incorrect. During a health crisis, misinformation puts people at risk of insecurity and disease and spreads fear.

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