Was Ukraine the last option for Russia to be annexed?

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Sayed Sajid Shah Bokhari
After a monthly, long fierce battle and confusion the RUSSIAN army attacked, finally on Ukraine on Friday. The war moments and hitting the public places had feared the people to migration. Before attack on Ukraine the President of RUSSIA draft a sign for annexation of two major parts of Ukraine in to RUSSIA. The European Nation and NATO responses through social media highlighted the issue well .It was also understand that in 2014, the loss of 14000, people in the war could not stop the Russian ambition to annex Ukraine. The American strategy, to punish the Putin through severe sanctions further aggravated the situation. The sanctions from Europe could also be considered a severe blow to the cause. The use of force by big powers is not a new case in the world history. All the weak and poor countries have been exploited,one by one in the past. In fact the developing countries are still vulnerable and they don’t have say, before the use of force by powerful countries .Everything is fair in love and war was a dictum. However the horror and fears spread by wars could not be faced at any cost. The mother waits for her son; the wife for her husband and the daughter waits for her father.it is a common dictum that no bodies know the worth of war except the bereaved families. The wars have worth for some but loss for everyone. At the end of war there is an agreement always to stop it more and work jointly for peace. The First World War(1914-1918) brought an international forum called League of Nation with sole objective to stop war and bring peace to the world. However, it loses its validity when the Second World War started after 20 years(1939-1945) with one billion army men in the battle field and 62 countries participated in the war.The 2nd world war however, ended in 1945, when the Atomic bomb were dropped by on Japan (on 6th August 1945,and then on 9th August 1945)on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by USA .But what was the end result when once again the world leaders meet to decide to draw world map?More than 600 Million people had died because of it.The President of United State of America Frankilin D Roosevelt, the president of USSR Joseph STALIN and the Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill agreed, to establish the United Nation Organization( UNO)with the sole aim to stop war an bring peace to the world. But what role did UNO played in the coming 75 years on designed objectives? However, the new sanctions against the poor countries of the world in the form of new world order and IMF had negative impacts on the socieo economic condition of poorest countries in the world after the 2nd world war. In all the circumstances the only tangible thing was the mood of war changed from directly to indirectly. As its mood was changed from traditional conventional to artificial one. In fact the great powers engaged the poorest countries in the indirect form of war through nationalism, creed, cast and extremism. It was named as Cold war in the history. The Russian block, American Block exists in this period. The Cuban war ,the Vietnam war and, the war between Iraq and Iran and the war in Afghanistan had existence since then.The direct tussle between the two super power USA and USSR developed a new war strategy through proxy wars. In such wars connection with American Block or Russian block legacy adopted by all countries of the world with unique appearance. The development of science and technology changed the world politics, economy, wars strategy, culture and socieo economic condition.The Big powers with sophisticated arms Fighter jets, Bombs and Missilestechnology changed the shape of the world its morphology, economy and culture. They instigated small nations against each other, provided those arms and missiles and killed them one by one. On the other hand they collected huge money, made the economy of their own country high, sustainable and prosperous. Today, the Middle East is on the verge of destruction, African nations are looking for a morsel of food and countries like Afghanistan and Syiria are in extremely humanitarian crisis.Still the world is looking how the poor and weak nations could be exploited? The leaders from developing countries turn happy when Joe Baiden and Putin shake hands with them. What the Arab leaders did in the past and what outcome their nations has to pay today is form of bitter history. President Joe Baiden has instruction to release additional 350 Million Dollar weapons to Ukraine for war. Germany has promised for Tanks and Fighters jets to Ukarine to dealt with enemy.The ukarine was formally supported by NATO countries but no one is ready, to send the army for fight. Even the Russian vetoed a draft UN security council the issue of Ukarine. That is a power to be exercise in UNGA by five countries (Russia,China,USA,France and Britain)and no one had a word to say about it?The United Arab Emirates and India abstained from the vote on the US drafted text. The eleven member’s council in favor .The draft resolution is now expected to be presented in to 193 members UNG general Assembly soon. The fate of Ukraine is suspended like a pendulum in the air and there is no way, to save the people of Ukraine from the wrath of Russia which is going to annex it against their wishes and well. Even huge part and prestige lost is the luck of Ukaraine if there could be negotiation at any stage. The china diplomacy on the issue is understandable as RUSSIA and China has declared no limits partnership backing each other on Ukraine and Taiwan issue. Ukraine was part of United States of Socialist Republic U.S.S.R since 1917, to 1991 until it was disintegrated. After deciding to be part of NATO Alliance the Ukraine role backs its Atomic programe with guarantee from NATO countries for all kinds of support especially, in the wars but it is on the other side now. The Ukraine President has clearly, stated that how the European countries showed disloyalty dismay and dissatisfaction in the current war and how they left Ukraine lonely in the battle field or exposed to the sophisticated arms and ammunition of the world strongest force the Red army?But Ukraine will fought to the last moment of survival.

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