Water a basic need of Human

M Siddique
In recent years, the world is facing draught caused by less rain. Particularly, countries depending upon agriculture are hit by this general drought. Experts have predicted that the future wars would be fought for obtaining water. After air, water is the second need of human beings, animals and vegetation. Underground water table has gone down. Less rain and the empty rivers have made the situation very bad. Without water, people will definitely die of thirst. Draught has created a disastrous situation in Pakistan. Very little rain fell in the country. Areas where rain is the only source of water for drinking and irrigation, have been much effected. Rain crops have completely failed. In desert area of Sindh and Balochistan, wells have gone dry and water has to be brought from far places. Last year, tankers of drinking water and trucks were sent to Sindh and Balochistan from various cities of Panjub. Rivers were dry, and water in the dams had gone down to lower level. Even in Punjab, many canals had to be closed in wheat cultivation season. There have been serious disputes over distribution of waters among Provinces from Mangla and Terbela dams. Less of water in the dams have caused less production of electricity. It is very sad to note that our selfish politician didn’t draw any ideas to meet the future requirements of waters and energy in our country. The sooner it is done, the better, it will be.

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