The importance Of Reading Newspaper

Bisma Narejo
Now a Day . The world becomes smaller with The Advancement Of Media, The communication System Has increased Among the countries. Newspaper is Also A Media , which give us All Current information Of All Countries. It plays A vital role in Modern Civilization. Newspaper is A Report Containing A lot of ImFormation Happening in the world Every Moment . It publishes important news and views of Home And Abroad . One part of the world has been linked up with Another through newspaper as it publishes All the burning issues of both inside and outside of the Country it gives us News About politics, economics, culture, literature, games and sports and Also other topics. Newspaper provides us All the information . Which are happening Surrounding politics , All kind of political matters can be known to us by reading newspaper . Reading Newspaper makes a good habit it is Already part of the modern life. This habit will widen your outlook and will enrich Your knowlegde . Reading newspaper makes you well informed. It enables you to take part in every discussion pertaining to the World’s current events. Through newspaper you will have a clear idea and understanding of what is happening in your Country And the whole World .Newspaper publishes writings of any writer if the writing is good so the new writers Are encouraged by this it Also the news of publishing any books of Any writer.

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