Smile and laugh

Asif Qadir
Obviously, living in a peaceful life one should smile and laugh and know the the importance of them, which are really the best tools to maintain a happy life with others too. It is well researched that in last four years old people have laughed three hundred times a day while the average mature laughs about fifteen times a day. In 21st century people have forgotten how to smile and laugh mostly we can see thr people who are suffering from depression anxiety and disorder. It is well quoted by Robin Sharma laughter therapy has ever been used to cure illness and heal those with serious ailments. As a result a psychologist observed, when we do not laugh it’s mean we are not glad, when we are glad because of our smiling. Furthermore, we need to laugh more and more, but also give advice of laughing to others to laugh. Whenever, we are in depression so we should at least watch funny movies and IQ questions or riddles which makes us to laugh. On the other hand, we should laugh and enjoy the wonders of a deep belly laugh. Eventually, smiling and and laughing are best tools to sustain a life with beatitudes.

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