KGC urges Kashmiris to observe 21st January as recalling sacrifices

London: The day of 21st January 1990 marks one of the gravest tragedies in the entire sordid history of Kashmir when scores of people were massacred in Gaw Kadal
This day reminds us of all the cruel times of subjugation and colonization that Kashmiri nation is continually facing on daily basis. Thirty-two years ago, the brave people of Kashmir took to the streets in a nonviolent and peaceful manner to protest against the colonization, exploitation, and subjugation of their motherland. It is pertinent to recall that a day before, the Indian forces had committed rape and molestation in the Chotta bazaar.
The protest March in tens and thousands of people tore off the web of lies woven by the Indian government that Kashmiris have compromised their national identity with India. Nevertheless, the Indian government wasn’t alone in this crime. As the procession of patriots of Kashmiris swelled into a sea of people, the Indian government was in a state of nervousness, and out of sheer frustration, ordered the army to run amock and cracked the bullets from all sides over the peaceful marchers wounding and martyring hundreds of people in Gowkadal Srinagar.Since then no street, no road, no home, and no one could escape from the Indian brutality which continues till this day
It is the national duty of every Kashmiri living around the globe not to forget those martyrs who gave their supreme sacrifices for us and for the coming generations. Keeping in mind these sacrifices, Kashmir Global Council appeals to the people of Kashmir to respect and honor all martyrs by observing 21 January as a Remembrance Day. The Kashmir Global Council appeals that special prayer be offered after Friday prayers in every village town and City for the martyrs of Gowkadal Srinagar.

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