OPF retrieves precious land of overseas Kashmiri from land grabbers

ISLAMABAD,(Parliament Times): Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF) has retrieved precious land of Overseas Kashmiri  from land mafia.
Chief Secretary, Commissioner, IG and deputy commissioner Bagh  have summoned all the record related to  illegal occupation of  overseas Kashmiris land. The political elements who were backing the land grabbers have also withdrawn their support from them. All the law enforcement agencies have become active. A  school teacher has also been found member of land mafia.
As per media information one Rashid Minhas, citizen of Bagh Azad Kashmir sent an application in the name of OPF Managing Director (MD) Dr Amir Sheikh about illegally occupation of his land by land mafia. OPF wrote letters to chief secretary, commissioner and other district management. The inquiry into the matter continued uninterrupted for several months and OPF was also kept abreast  of this development.
AC  Revenue Bagh Beenish Jaral found that the land was under illegal occupation of the land grabbers. She issued orders to  launch operation. When the police and officers of the district management reached the scene to recover the land, the local land mafia and school teacher of government school tried to interfere in the matter with the help of goons. However the law took its way.
The locals sought time of some days for returning the land. The police kept in their custody the grabbed land and keys of constructed shed.
Sources said the police and district administration retrieved the land from the land grabbers and handed over  it to the citizen Rashid Minhas despite sheer violation of the agreement and non provision of record by the school teacher.
On the other hand OPF spokesperson said no leniency would be shown to any land mafia in line with vision of  Prime Minister Imran Khan and overseas ministry. The OPF would continue to strive for retrieving the priceless properties of overseas Pakistanis from illegal occupation of the land grabbers.