Lady health worker caught fake certificate in Rawalakot;

Action on fake degree against lady health worker,

MUZAFFARABAD (Staff Reporter): Anti-corruption investigation has been started against a Lady Health Worker of Rawalakot who got a job on a fake certificate. Girls High School Begala Dhamni Rawalakot also confirmed not to issue a middle pass certificate. Muhammad Shaukat Khan and the people of the area had lodged a petition with the DG Health against Lady Health Worker Sughra Begum. Inspector Rawalkot Circle had formed an investigation team comprising Raja Mukhtar. When they sought the record from the health department, the record also contained the same middle pass certificate which the school had allegedly declared as fake. When he asked for the record from Begala Dhamni High School, it told Anti-Corruption that Sughra Begum’s name was mentioned in the register but the school leaving and middle pass certificate had not been issued by the school. As soon as the investigation was reported, the Lady Health Worker launched a rescue operation, after which the anti-corruption probe was stopped. Disciplinary action was taken against the lady health worker who got the job on a fake certificate. Until the investigation is completed, she should be suspended from her job. Instead of performing the work of Lady Health Worker, she is found in police stations and courts all day long.

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