Omicron on the rise

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Shehzad Sakim
Omicron is the latest such evolution, from most recent Delta, Gamma, Beta, and Alpha. The first case of omicron reported in South Africa and then spread to many countries, especially Pakistan is one of them. THE surge in Covid-19 cases, especially in Karachi, points to a worrying trend that, if not taken seriously by both the authorities and members of the public, can end in disaster. According to WHO the Omicron variant is spreading like wildfire in the metropolis, with the positivity ratio increasing to 10pc and infection rate rising steeply from 50pc to 81pc within a week. Daily total tests across the country remain below 50,000, which means the number of actual Covid-19 positive patients could be much higher. On the other side, many people are falling very sick, hospitals in several countries are coming under immense pressure. Pakistan is no exception, with health experts in Karachi already noting increased hospital admissions. On the other hand, already we have suffered from covid-19. It is destroyed our education system, health, and economy. Due to covid-19 28803, people die in Pakistan. So the government should take a sensitive role about Omicron, otherwise, it will destroy our country.

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