Lahore   : FPCCI United Business Group (UBG) Senior office bearer, Mian Usman Zulfiqar said the Election Commission of the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry
(FPCCI) is unable to declare official and final election results due to honourable high court order of dated December 29th, 2021 because status of some votes are subjudice in different courts,
however the honable Sindh high court has restricted to announce any kind of result until next hearing / fate od the writ petition filed on and temporary injunction give on 29th of December 2021, but by hanging with the name of un-official results suggest Businessmen Panel (BMP) claiming the victory , which is out rightly contempt of court in the light of decision of Sindh High Court which clearly stated ” No result shall be announced”.

While talking to Media, he said this is very unfortunate that the orders of honourable superior courts are thrown away using the name and power gimmicks of our non biased institutions as
well as premier house, this is not only playing and maliging with the security institutions at this hour where Pakistan is suffering internal external security and economical threat , only few
people trying to juvenile the celebration for pure personal interests which is illegal, unlawfully, contempt of court and ethically wrong keeping in view current circumstances.

The two competing groups BMP and United Business Group (UBG) have often disclosed use of fake and bogus trade bodies and illegal nominations to rig elections by each of them.

To think, the FPCCI politics is no different than the national politics. All the ambitious people maneuvering to win their way to the throne sans regard to rules, regulations and ethics. Let alone the betterment of their members.

As world over trade bodies play an important role in business development, trade facilitation, business promotion and employment generation.

However High Court of Sindh (SHC) ordered issuance of notice for January 13th 2022 through Attorney General of Pakistan to Secretary Commerce, FPCCI, DGTO and others in a case
regarding inclusion of the names of different trade bodies in the final voter list of FPCCI for 2022 as un-lawful.

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