Victim-blaming game

Usama Mughal
Existing regime exponentially inherited victim-blaming tool. Instead of undertaking stern and stringent measures to be saved the innocent lives—A pungent/harsh reality—they always tend to hurl blame on the victims because of their shabby, sluggish and poor strategy to be carried out immediate actions against looming disaster. Incumbent despotic, tyrant and cruel set-up squashed and crushed the already tottering fragile backbone of have-nots with his policy of atrocity, flagitious and bastard, it has dismally and miserably dashed to ground in every sector, be it politically, economicaly, sociologically, geographically, diplomatically and industrially. Yesterday’s ghastly and horrendous episode of Murree—in which many a live bade adieu to this mortal world—plays up the sheer dormancy and wilful remissness of current government—which its inception to the throne since 2018, held public accountable for all the pitfalls and shortcomings committed by itself. If we exist with incumbent rule, we will have to face unsurmountable and irrepressible challengings; stumbling blocks; looming catastrophe; snowballing unprecedented price hike and so more which could further sully and tarnish Pakistan’s soft and smooth image in the eyes of globalization, moreover, we will be twisting in the silly vortex of byzantine suffocating water for good.

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