So far ,so poor!

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Irshad Hussain Tahiri
Before general elections of 2018 the supremo of every major political party i-e Pakistan People’s Party [PPP] & Pakistan Muslim league Noon [PMlN] including minor parties made lofty claims to deliver the oppressed & downtrodden masses at their gross root levels. like other political parties,Imran Khan a cricket-turned politician leader of the party also ran political campaign,, contested & hopefully emerged as a winning political party in general elections of 2018 under the slogan of the “New Pakistan.” Such desired & proud moments truly created a wave of boundless mirths among the hopeless, helpless & homeless souls because frustrated faces desperately wanted to get rid of the ex-corrupt & incompetent hands. leader is one who knows the way, shows the way & goes the way.So,Khan is thought to be a real leader after Z.A Bhutto & Shaheed Mohtaramma Benazir Bhutto.As a quotation goes”All that glitters is not gold’ or appearances are always deceptive”. Sadly,in the light of the said sayings,Khan not only repeated the same well established futile traditions of hollow promises but also miserably failed to change the poor living style of the masses with elimination of poverty, provision of 10 million jobs, tackling dearness and many more.Inspite of redressing of untold miseries & greviances of the people, unfortunately exorbitant prices of daily use commodities stood at untouchable, unbearable & unpurchaseable level.This sorry state of affairs have broken the back of the common people in particular & others in general. Over all scenario of the incumbent government reveals that public & promises have entirely been forgotten & nearly every advisor,ministers,MNA & MPA hankers after wealth power & titles as a usual.They are powerful and influential enough to prove white as black and black as white.It is also rightly relevant to state here that Prime Minster Imran Khan’s “historical speech at UNO,’ expressing of “Absolutely not” improved tarnished image of the Pakistan at international level to a some extent.Sorrowfully, people lead a miserable life due to historical dearness in our own country.But, public now, utterly sick of the performance of sitting government & loosing the most recent past of BD elections in KPK beyond any shadow of doubt is just a glimpse of the anger & reaction of the people of the every walk of life.Therefore,it is perfectly said that “As you sow, so shall you reap'”Needless to highlight that previous governments were far better than that of this.It depicts that dream of public for a genuine & angelic like leader seems to be dashed to grounds as ever.With limitless blessings & bounties of Allah, Pakistan has not shortage of anything sans true,compatriot, foreseeing,visionary, missionary, legendary & unpurchaseable leader who could ease sufferings of the ignored & unfortunate people of the land.Almost one and half year of Khan’s government has left.If he is really a serious & sincere & eagerly wants to come again into power ,he must create job opportunities for the jobless youth, he must decrease inflation,dearness,ameliorate law and order situation,regularize contratual & adhoc employees,stop frequent political interruption in different institutions prioritize merit, dispell impression of sheer discrimination among provinces & most importantly he must personally monitor or constituate an impartial,honest,effecient team to keep an vigilant eye over performance of the elements of the vested interests & so on.But ,it is a bitter & ground reality result of the current government is so far, so poor.

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