Life without health

Shireen Muhammad Bux
Life without health has no meaning; life is precious, but health is more precious than it because life without health is just like food without taste. So how an individual maintain his health, in order to do that he has to visit health care centers or to consult with doctors. As we all are well aware of that without that it will not be possible. the same issues are being faced time to time in Askani which is one of the village of Turbat. There is lack of facilities in Askani with shortage of proper medical stores and any medical clinic is available which are ought to be facilitated to each villages or towns. According to the Baluchistan post three years old Shahdad who fell ill was taken to a nearby health center in kech district but due to lack of facilities, he had been taken 120 kilometers away to Turbat. However, the child died on his way. This wasn’t the only child; thousands of kids lost their lives because of unavailability of medical facilities. Even in traffic accidents most of the injured die due to the lack of first aid treatment. Despite of facing strong criticism yet no action has been taken by authorities in this regard so far. Last but not least, the higher authorities are requested to take strong actions on these issues.

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