The Vague Future Of Afghanistan


Nasrullah Khadim
The fate of Afghanistan is yet questionable and is under ambiguities. Few critical questions are popping up in every intellectual mind that is experiencing and seeing mammoth masses surrounded and trapped with chaotic, detrimental and precarious atmosphere. Who will resolve the miseries of Afghanistan?, who would be ameliorating the socio-politico and economic pitfalls of Afghanistan?. These questions should not be shrugged off at any cost. It would not be amiss to say that the future of Afghanistan lies in its own hands. Nevertheless, Afghanistan, a war-torn country, has already seen a spate of invasions and destruction of massive depth. It has been ruled by many foreign powers, albeit unsuccessfully. The recent ignoble defeat of America in Afghanistan has manifested inimical ramifications over Afghanistan—- creating extremely volatile situations and leaving masses in the lurch. The withdrawal of the US troops from Afghanistan and abjuring of Ashraf Ghani, former president of Afghanistan, of the presidential palace, resulted in recalcitrant ambiances: erecting gigantic stumbling blocks of darkness and tyranny for Afghan plebs. Furthermore, the intrusion of the Taliban has strangled and scourged the Afghans relentlessly. Masses are enduring untold miseries and crises of utmost severity in the shape of food insecurity, rampant unemployment, security threats, and many more. Therefore, the Taliban should dabble in the betterment of Afghanistan, and formulate such strategies which can obliterate the chaotic situations in the country. Further, It would be pertinent to declare that the glowing future of Afghanistan imbibes in the hands of its own rulers. There is a mere need for meticulous and sincere efforts from the Taliban to bring massive prosperity and gigantic developments to the country. Nevertheless, if they continued to prevail over their antiquated and inveterate norms and traditions to petrify and exploit plebs in the country, it would be an extremely herculean task for the general masses to get rid of the despotic and scathing rule of the Taliban. Needless to say, if Taliban remain fence-sitter and fanatic orthodox, it will prod masses to clamor for their fundamental rights— to satiate their empty bellies–, which could result in even more formidable and terrible situations.