Stop hunting birds

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Zakria Lal
It is an initiative that could not have come sooner. As the CM of Balochistan, he granted a good statement for hunter people The birds are the beauty of nature. Birds are important members of many ecosystems. we are dependent on them. Because they play a vital function in controlling pests, acting, as pollinators and maintaining Island ecology. In place of caring, we are killing their small and new generation in Balochistan. For a small enjoyment rather than eating them. The reason is that we are not critical scholars. Just we think our existence in the world. Even watching birds give advantages. when we watch them we get closer to nature and improve cardiovascular health. That skill can be improv by a bird that is honed patience. Become a part of the community. recently In Turbat, a man was arrested because of hunting birds by the administration of the Balochistan government. If they take such litigation then the public can’t do them again. But this rule must be for everyone.

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