Improving agricultural sector

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan praised and trusted Naya Pakistan Housing Programme by narrating that he promises ‘revolution’ in agriculture sector. And he complained that the opposition parties are in need of NRO. However, he gave a briefing that government is emphasizing on the housing sector to achieve higher growth and provide job opportunities for the people so that it would enable a common man including the salaries, welders, mechanics and small formers to have their own houses. Under the Peri Urban housing scheme, PM said the housing units are being built in areas and said the government is taking steps to uplift agricultural sector. And he further said that the people of Pakistan will see his positive results of policies. For a long time I have been accepting in my mind that he is our last hope who who can do best for poor sector. But very sadly, three years for PTI governor were a burden on us and could not proceed well living in homes without good facilities of electricity and protested about our basic rights. As a result, we got no outcomes in taking urgent actions. We are so compelled living in this poor country. Therefore, the PTI government should feel the voice of an indigent and grant relief actions for their live.

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