Ayesha Nadeem Is Teaching Ethical Values To Youth

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Naeem Kandwal
It is admitted reality that talented women are game changers of the future. Ayesha Nadeem, one of the most talented women, is the greatest example of this reality. She is a highly educated lady. She has done Bachelors Of Arts/double majors in Economics and Political Science and has done Various diplomas in sales & marketing, customer service, food business from Mohawk College Canada. When i asked abut her work and achievements, she said: “I am working in hospitality businesses for the last 25 years in Canada. Customer service, food business is my main area of expertise, Very humbled and proud at the same time to achieved great success in running different businesses with my husband in Canada from 25 years. I have Worked and volunteered for a non profit organization UMMID INTERNATIONAL for 15 years. I have worked as project manager, Event organizer for various government approved projects in Canada. I have Worked enthusiastically for women empowerment with restoring our Pakistani cultural values and have received many awards/certificates. I was Selected for WIO Global Women’s Award Academy for Working for women empowerment.” Undoubtedly, Ayesha’s services are highly impressive. When i asked about her extraordinary services especially for young generation, she said: “I’ve made my YouTube channel in 2020 to promote Urdu language in young generation, lives in Canada and US My channel name is NaniMastani Sunaye Kahani. I do Vlogs and different video messages for younger generation to be connected with their culture and moral values on my Instagram page “nanii-mastanii /Ayesha Nadeem. And last but not the least. I have my food business on Instagram. Pleas follow [email protected] mastanimocktails on Instagram. I promote and revive Pakistani street food among young people in Canada.” When i asked about her family life, she said: “I am good wife and best mother of three children, two daughters and one son. Alhamdulilah all are studied and graduated from well renowned l universities of Canada. All three are married, Alhamdulilah And I am very very loving Nani of a blessed grandson and also a Dadi Jan of a very very cute grand daughter.” Ayesha Nadeem is a great example of women empowerment. She is a role model for youth all over the World. She is a multi-talented woman. She is a successful hospitality worker as well as a great social worker. Through youtube videos, she is teaching ethical values to our youth. Ayesha Nadeem’s extraordinary services are witness that she is one of the most inspiring women in the World.

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