Its time to say YES to change

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Usama Bin Rafiq
The recent incidents happened in our society is really push us back. The incident of Faisal Abad women is quite horrendous. To see them both disgraced like that in front of the whole bazaar is very pathetic and shameful for our society. What kind of people we are? We called ourselves Muslims but what we did with those women? What religion is this?A few days back, a Srilanka manager was not only killed but also ashtray his autopsy. It is the same country that stands with us through thick and thin, who gifted us 2,000 eyes but what we did with them? And what they would be thinking about us now? This is not the first incident that happen but dozens of those kinds of incidents happened before and will happen in future too if we didn’t take this problem seriously. The state is also equally responsible because the state didn’t take that issue with iron hands and provide swift action and justice to the oppressed ones.When there is a fire in the forest, then fire does not see which tree is dry and which is wet, then they burn every tree. And even now, if we do not try to control the fire, God willing, this society will become a disease and an incurable society that will swallow itself alive.We do not miss an opportunity to criticize Western civilization and society in every way, even though they are far better than this filthy society, socially, morally, economically and in every way. What’s the worst thing that doesn’t happen here? From two-year-old boys and girls to the elderly, no one is safe from sexual abuse. There have been cases of abuse of men. Such incidents have taken place in madrassas and schools. We are among the top five countries in the world to watch porn.We cannot call it a reformist society unless the children of our politicians grow up with us here. Because we know why the children of every politician, doctors and judges do not live in Pakistan because they have not left this society capable of raising its children here.Our rotten education system that has been in place for seven decades has not only created positive thinking in the people but has further corrupted our society. We still sell our conscience for 1000 or 2000 rupees and when he becomes our representative we are not able to ask him any question. And with what mouth.?How long will this system last? When will our rulers sleep like rabbits? On the one hand our neighbours who are becoming CEOs of various social networks and on the other hand we are the ones who are sometimes killing each other for deporting the ambassador of a country and sometimes for just a small theft. As long as this system continues to run like this, as long as our rulers continue to make political accusations against each other, this society will not only prosper, but On the contrary, every day such incidents will continue to make the world laugh on us.


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