Deficit of water in Naliant


Shahdad Afreeq
We all are cognizant about Naliant which has located in tehsil Pasni district Gwadar. It is one of the major issues for the people of Naliant are suffering from fundamental rights. Naliant population is nearly seven thousand and they are deprived from water which is essential for humans and animals. Water is the basic need of lives. Without water no one can live also we can say it is the backbone of life. In edition, without water people do face a large number of complications, such as depressions, mental stresses and etc. Further more, Deficit of water in Nalaint peopale can’t give water to their crops on which their 3 times meal is being covered with difficulties.I humbly request to the authorities, please look after this problem so that the Nalaint people should pass a comfortable life.