PPP, PSF and PYO workers take to streets against incumbent PTI

Raja Jamil;

HAJIRA (Parliament Times),  Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) protests against inflation. Protesters chanted slogans against the government of Pakistan. The demonstration was led by former Assembly candidate Sardar Saud Sadiq Advocate, Sardar Azad Advocate, Javed Chaudhry Advocate, Sardar Qayyum Usmani, Mehboob Awan and others. Addressing the gathering, they said that the government of Pakistan has broken the mountains of inflation. The poor are starving for bread but the rulers are intoxicated. It will be hard in the future to survive with such high level inflation. They demanded that if inflation was not brought under control immediately, the next step of PPP would be tough.

Including PSF and PYO workers, People’s Party in the demonstration participated in full force. Protesters closed the main square and held a protest rally.


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