Plantation of trees

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Usama Bin Rafiq
To counter the air pollution and smog we need to plant trees to avoid that issue in future. The problem of smog in Lahore is a matter of great worry to tackle. The smog in Lahore has already teased the residents of Lahore every single year. One must think to end this matter to look for long term plans and possibilities. Plantation of trees is one of the basic possibilities to end this headache in near future. We also need to applaud the efforts of the government by starting the Billion Tree tsunami drive across the country but should make sure that its reaches the required destination and results. It’s also the responsibility of the masses to help the government in the plantation of trees. They also provide fresh and clean air for living beings and provide us with a great extent of oxygen. In Urban areas, the significance of plantations cannot be ignored to provide us healthy and safe environment. The value of tree plantation in maintaining biodiversity and balancing our ecosystem can not be forgotten. We can say that one of the serious issues in our country and especially in rural and villages is the devaluation and cutting of trees for various means. To make our world greener and healthier for living life, we must pay close attention to planting more and more trees. Every individual needs to plant one tree at least. It’s also our collective responsibility to guide our masses of consequences of cutting trees and ensure them that no life is possible without trees. The trees are very important in our lives. Everyone should be aware of the importance of tree planting and should motivate and encourage others to do the same.

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