PML-N involved in deal under guise of PDM: Hafiz Hussain Ahmed


Sharif family is using PDM for rental protests and pressure on institutions,

QUETTA, (Parliament Times) : Senior leader of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Pakistan and prominent parliamentarian Hafiz Hussain Ahmed has said that every summit of PDM is proving to be a cylinder of oxygen for the dying government of Imran Khan Niazi. He was talking to the media at his residence Jamia Mutla Uloom on Tuesday. He said that for the last four years, there has been no effective decision in any meeting of the PDM from the “Rental March” to the now proposed “Inflation March” to bring down the rigged government of the opposition Imran Khan Niazi. Even they could not be implemented. We have been saying from the beginning that the Nawaz League is engaged in covert compromises and deals for its cases and cases regarding corruption while using PDM for rental protests and pressure on institutions.

PML-N will not resign and will not take part in any long march or short march or any protest program. Hafiz Hussain Ahmed said that this is the reason why PML-N President and Leader of Opposition Shahbaz Sharif does not attend any PDM summit so that no confrontational protest program can be decided. In response to a question, he said that Maulana Fazlur Rehman has put JUI-F in a quagmire to please Nawaz Sharif. We continued to express our concerns in party meetings. But in the face of the flickering candle of our sincere advice to the party, the present situation came to the fore.