Religious violence, A wrongton conflict


Nadia Taskheer
Mass killings and wars resulting in untold millions of deaths are seen religiously. Throughout the world history we have religions tied to massive tragedies like, in 1095 all the way into 1291, we have got the inquisition in 1478 , another conflict in northern Ireland, We have got the Holocaust in the 20th century, extremism in the middle east which is connected to 911 here with United States,Iraq and Syria that is still ongoing. But that’s not really what’s going on, these all massive things for sure connect but how is it religion?… Which supposedly espouse peace, love and harmony. Globally, from east to west, north to south the conflict between regions get worsened and religions are coursed by the people, while the conflict itself was buildup by the same people. Scholars like William cavanaugh contend that Even when extremists use theological texts to justify their actions, ”religious” violence is not religious at all but rather a perversion of core teachings. On the contrary, religions around the world are considered to be peaceful and harmless, still every single religion in the world and its texts are have been misunderstood or misinterpreted. The result for this are motivation and justification for violence.However, religion can be based on love, but it can quickly be transferred into the opposite-hatred. Has it is same as the passionate love between a man and a woman can be transferred into murderous jealousy. For example, the crusade wars resulted in a lot of blood shed on both Christian and Muslim sides of mass conflict. The all voilent acts ever happened are seem that religious belief. But that is not the case, in fact, the true reasons of violence ever happens are economic, political and even ethnic dispute. It is always been some outside factors involved also. If you look at most major large-scale efforts , warfare and conflicts then there are political issues at their roots and the most spoiler of the wars were lands, takes more land, gets more wealth. Further, most importantly seen , the world wars were in part as a result of harsh economic, losing sides by getting back stabbed and the ways religions were used to boost the war and gain political power. Religion is just the label used to give a clear us verses them dynamic.Truthfully, people use religion for the war and conflicts that’s for sure connects but religion is a flag not a fighting force to get it clearly. The conflicts throughout the world today unfortunately describes religious violences rather than religion for peace.Hence, ‘People wage wars, religion do not’, instead religions are used as a tool for personal achievements and egotistical goals.In other words religions are used as an excused, but if you look, understand free well conceptually then will get the reality