Role of action research to improve an educational Institution


Qazi Hammad
Education is a continuous process of learning, in which not only students gain, but teachers also learn and update their experience, knowledge and wisdom. Classroom is a crowded space having multiple crises and problems, which can be determined and resolved by multiple types of research, in which action research is the more appropriate type to determine educational institution crises. It is a cyclic process, which is conducted in a narrow and specific perspective to achieve the desired outcomes. It is collaborative in nature, contains some steps, including study design, data collection, data analysis, communicating outcomes and action taking.Action research is a purposeful research, which is more attractive and helpful for in-service and pre- service teachers as a way of their professional development and improvement of institution.Here we may mention some areas and tasks which can be covered through action research:1) Impact of different teaching strategies on the conceptual learning of different subjects and topics.2) Effects of teachers’ behavior on different types of learners. 3) School and classroom management and their impacts on the learning process. 4) Language teaching theories and strategies, 5) Individual differences and their solutions in local context. 6) Multilingual classrooms, their requirements and results, and so many other possible areas can also be covered.Action research mainly focuses on practical work and needs a little help from literature review. Therefore it’s easy and suitable that it can provide concrete and clear results and have an opportunity for researchers to improve their experience and move this cycle again.It is a good idea and chance for teachers and management of an educational institution, to conduct action research in several areas for different problems, to overcome these crises and to improve their self experience and raise the graph of institutions