Parental time..

Nadia Taskheer
In today’s fast growing world every parents can be seen extremely busy with their works or sometimes with smartphones. The child, who is just in need of time that the parents don’t have for their children. Rather then getting involve with their hard times, listening their difficulties they are being found in a harsh manner, because of not paying attention a life changing journey for the child or depressions takes place. To put it differently, many parents send their child to school at the age of 3 or 4 to get rid of them while this is not just illegal but life distroying. Moreover, technological advancement has brought thousands of changes already that is far enough for a child to get rude or addicted to playing games but that is also bringing destruction. While a child is in darkness a parent should pay more attention than not giving attention. Parental this time need for a child is as much necessary as thinking for civilizations or bringing revolution. Many of the parents don’t know exactly what a child read, do, play or show but if one mistake is cause unintentionally or mistakenly the child get scolded, beaten or punished in a bad way. This is what the results among not giving time and receiving the result without paying attention. Henceforth, good habits, achievements comes in life by giving their high time to children and a child is just in need of time which isn’t much difficult for parents as compare to doing jobs or outdoor activities.

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