100 days of The Taliban: Honeymoon period ended


Naseebullah Khan
The situation was not perfect before the Taliban but was not as worse as today is. When incompetency is coupled with stubbornness, disaster is never too far. A hundred days’ performance of the incumbent Afghan government speaks volumes of failure in security, economic, political, diplomatic, and humanitarian spheres. Admittedly, that the US and the world community have left Afghanistan in a lurch, the Taliban cannot hide behind the curtain, as they have not proposed any policy to cope with the explained catastrophes. Diplomatically, no country has recognized the Taliban. The rigidness of the incumbent government over the formation of an inclusive government, women’s education, and human rights along with freedom of media have been stumbling blocks, which, the Taliban are reluctant to accept. Afghanistan is in the clinches of economic collapse. The scarcity of cash in Banks is increasing peoples pain whereas government is unable to pay salaries to government employees for three months. The federal budget of 2019 was 11 billion USD, at present, the Taliban have failed even to talk of the next Budget. The Taliban have failed in a breakthrough on unfreezing 9.5 billion USD as well as attracting foreign aid which was 75 percent of the previous Afghan economy. As per the report of the world food program, 50 pc of the population are facing starvation whereas 97 percent are facing inadequate food shortage. On the security front, although the general situation is admirable, the threat of the IS_K is a gigantic challenge for the Taliban. The group has accepted the responsibilities of many suicide attacks including on Kabul airport and the Shia community. Whilst, one must give the devil its due as the general amnesty announced by the Taliban is appreciable. Despite some minute incidents, the overall amnesty has been applauded. Bad governance, dearth of the unclear policy of women education, running the country without a constitution, the crumbling of the health system where according to the WHO in total 2300 healthcare centres, only 80 to 90 are functioning, and paucity of strategies concerning poverty, hunger, and unemployment have defaced the incumbent government powerlessness as an alternative to governing the state. The Taliban have to realize the sensitivity of the situation which the common Afghan is facing. In a recent interview of one of their cabinet members while hyperbolizing and answering the question about the poverty and hunger in the country replied,” They (The Taliban) are accustomed to hunger, and fought against the US amid hunger “__such nonsense explanations will never fill the stomach of an ordinary Afghan. The Honeymoon period of the Taliban rule has ended. They have to deliver. They have to prove themselves better than the previous government and will have to fulfill their promises. If not, they will be wiped out and be swept away in the flood of people’s pains and miseries. ————————————————————————————————