Nomads need attention

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Muhammad Zarif
Undoubtedly, balochistan is the biggest province of pakistan in term of area, and it is the richest province as a result of natural resources, but it hurts to see it’s people in poor condition. In the province people are being neglected and due to lack of high authorities specially, nomads are facing many challenges.Nomads are those people who don’t stay one place, and they change their places according to seasons. Many parts in balochistan outnumber nomads are living.Next, they are far from this modern world because they made their minds like this. When they gat a work or their eating materials finish than they pay a visit to get the work done and buy eating tools.They are very simple, they make simple huts, eat simple food this is the main reason that remain healthy as compare to people who are living in cities.But they are far from education, they do not make their children to be educated owing to moving one place to an other place. Therefore, they are not aware about their basic rights.Due to simple living these nomadic suffer a lot especially, in winter season they live such poor huts which can’t stop cool wind, and when it rains they face same condition. Apart from this, there are many nomads who don’t have Computerized National Identity Card therefore, they are far from modern life.In short, It is highly requested to high authorities kindly to pay serious attention towards these nomads who are totally neglected especially, provide them permenent places let their upcoming gernation to be educated

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