Are you upgrading software of your mind?

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Iqra Rasheed
Every system needs to upgrade its hardware and software with the changes in time and space. Growth is the result of continuous upgradation. Let’s try to understand why you need to upgrade you mind? Does your mind resist any change? Do you feel struck? Have you stop learning new things? Do you love to take new challenges in life? Is your working performance increasing or decreasing? Mind Vs Software As in the computer system you can see the hardware not the software, similarly in your body you can see the brain but not the mind. As you can write codes to make a software to function according to your desire in computer, in similar way you can change your mind by changing your thoughts, memory content, feelings and words. Types for mind Software Human mind is like an onion, the more you peel the more layers you get inside and at the end total emptiness. Every person’s mind is unique but on the basis of functions we can classify as follows to upgrade: Mind for career and learning, Mind to manage relations, Mind while sleep, Mind while eating, Mind of ego, Peace of mind How to upgrade Upgradation is a process and can never be a onetime activity. Let’s try to learn how we can upgrade our minds while living with different stages and function in life. You need to question and reply honestly to upgrade your thoughts and its content. Career and Learning mind The most important and performance oriented stage of life is making your career. you need to question yourself to upgrade. What I want to be in my life? Am I on the right path? What I learned today? Am I in a right company (friend circle) and environment of positive growth? Mind to Strengthen Relationships Managing relationships in your private and public life is an art but negative and rotten mindset can spoil i. Do I respect and love others, in the way I expect from them? Am I empathetic? Am I caring and loving in helping others as per my capacity? Mind while Sleeping We spent almost 1\3 period of life in sleeping and it must be a quality and deep sleep. Am I dreaming less and think too much in day time? Do I relax and calm my mind before going to sleep? What is my first thought of the day and is it positive? Mind while Eating The most sacred work in life is eating while listening to the need of your body. How can I make my food more nutritious? Do I eat as per need of my body? Do I eat slowly and with gratitude? Antivirus for ego Yes ego is the biggest toxin for both your mind and body. It need antivirus doze in form of positive thoughts. Which thought usually trigger my ego and do I put effort to replace it? Do I expect others to satisfy my ego? Do I feel more comfortable and relaxed with egolessness? Mind to no mind You can expert once peace when you live between the empty spaces of your thoughts. Do I try to be thoughtless even for few second? Am I aware of this moment? How do I breathe with this emptiness? We need consistent questioning and replacement of existing thoughts with honest answers to upgrade for new opportunity and challenges of life. Mind is great tool to transform your life which you can use transcend. Your mind is your most valuable asset. Many people leave their mind’s development up to chance. If you want to safeguard against becoming stale and irrelevant you need to make a conscious effort to upgrade your mind, develop your skills and insure that you are moving forward not backwards. “When it comes to success in life your mind’s software is far more important than its hardware so never forget to upgrade your mind’s software”

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