Climate change in Pakistan


Altaf Adam
The development of Pakistan is adversely affected due to high raise of climate change on over years. Pakistans’ increased vulnerability to global warming has seen as natural disasters such as drought, flood, smog and high temperature occur more regularly in the country. Pakistans’ climate, however showing a drastic and challenging situation for its residents. As well in the way of country’s development climate change is became a biggest and preventive challenge. According to a south Asian climate action plan 2021-25 states that the quality of life in Pakistan is set to decline by 4-5 percent by 2030. And this is mainly due to regularly changes of climate in the country Moreover, air quality in Lahore is ranked the worlds’ 2nd polluted air in whole world. Where every year air quality creates hard sufferings on population’s life. Especially in winter season, it creates smog that causes breathing trouble. Additionally, The temperature of Karachi and most other cities of all provinces, rises-up and makes new records in every year. Several people loose capacity to bear the high temperature and cause death. And it is stated that over 49million people are reside in high risk of areas where their health and well-being is directly affected by climate across the country. Ultimately, government must ensure giving attention on climate and certains its corbon emission in the country to reduce the vulnerability of climate change so that country may progress towards development.